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Lisa Marie Waters began her formal art training in 1976, at Humboldt State University in California, where she completed a degree in fine art. She is a member of the Pastel Society of America and has been the featured artist in numerous publications. has exhibited extensively and is well represented in private, museum, and corporate collections internationally. Lisa credits her love of nature and the arts to a culturally diverse heritage and the joy of being raised in a creative and thoughtful family. maintains a gallery and studio in Arcata, California.

Artist's Statement

"Look deep, deep into nature...and then you will understand everything better." ---Albert Einstein

The act of painting has become an intriguing opportunity to study the interlocking nature of energy and beauty. The primary medium used in my paintings is traditional dry pastel on archival printmaking or handmade paper. I prefer using large, palm sized hunks of pastel for the uneven, surprising marks that they make. I begin each painting with a few broad strokes; working the pigment into the paper with my hands, and sculpting the forms into a basic composition. I may begin a piece with an actual experience in mind, but generally, the image develops one mark at a time out of itself. As patterns develop, I watch how the elements become woven into the whole. This painting process is slow paced and only a few pieces are created each year.

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Click this image to view a 360° Panoramic gallery view of Lisa's artwork.

Lower resolution (365k) Quicktime Virtual Reality of Lisa Marie Waters exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum. Low Resolution             Higher resolution (2MB) Quicktime Virtual Reality of Lisa Marie Waters exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum. High Resolution

Click a movie camera link to watch a Quicktime Virtual Reality Movie of Lisa Marie Waters 2005 Retrospective Exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. These links are courtesy Thomas B. Dunklin Photography.

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